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  • How to Apply a Tourniquet Correctly

    When someone is bleeding profusely from a limb, and medical personnel are not present at the scene, knowing how to apply a tourniquet can help to s...
  • How Long Can a Tourniquet Be Left On?

    Many people are afraid of applying a tourniquet to control bleeding because they think it will lead to limb amputation, but knowing the timeframe f...
  • Common Contents Found Inside STOP THE BLEED® Kits

    When comparing STOP THE BLEED® kits online, you might be unsure what you should look for as far as the contents in each kit. There are certain things that every good bleeding control kit should include so that you have the best chance of assisting someone in an emergency. You’ll find that a regular first aid kit won’t contain these items, which is why you need to add this kit to your venue as well. Keep reading as we discover the key contents you’ll find in a STOP THE BLEED® kit and what each of them should be used for.
  • What Is a Tourniquet & Which Is the Right One for Me?

    There are many commercial tourniquets on the market and deciding which ones, and how many, are appropriate for your needs can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we’ve done most of the legwork for you and chosen what we believe to be the top-of-the-market tourniquets to include in our bleeding control kits!