Common Contents Found Inside STOP THE BLEED® Kits

Common Contents Found Inside STOP THE BLEED® Kits

Common Contents Found Inside STOP THE BLEED® Kits

Essentials to STOP THE BLEED® 

When comparing STOP THE BLEED® kits online, you might be unsure what you should look for as far as the contents in each kit. There are certain things that every good bleeding control kit should include so that you have the best chance of assisting someone in an emergency. You’ll find that a regular first aid kit won’t contain these items, which is why you need to add this kit to your venue as well. Keep reading as we discover the key contents you’ll find in a STOP THE BLEED® kit and what each of them should be used for.



For injuries to the arm or leg, a tourniquet is one of the most important parts of a STOP THE BLEED® kit. After identifying the wound, you’ll stretch the tourniquet above the wound before wrapping it tightly. Keep in mind that a tourniquet will cause some pain to the victim, but it’s critical to have the best chance of saving their life. Tuck in the end of the tourniquet once applied, and seek further medical assistance immediately. This is without a doubt one of the most important components of any STOP THE BLEED® kit and will stop arterial bleeding when used on the extremities.


Wound Packing Gauze

For bleeding on the shoulder, neck, or groin, you would choose to use wound packing gauze instead of a tourniquet. However, if a tourniquet is not available or you have multiple victims, you could consider this a backup for that product. You’ll need to start by opening up the clothing that’s covering the bleeding wound and try to wipe off any blood that’s pooled. From there, you pack the wound with the wound packing gauze. You could also use plain gauze or a clean cloth if you run out of this product. Apply pressure with both of your hands to the wound, and push as hard as you can. This gauze is often used until medical professionals arrive and should help to stop the bleeding from being so severe. It’s another key component of any STOP THE BLEED® kit, so make sure any kit you purchase has this within it.


Pressure Dressing (Israeli Bandage)

Before arriving at a hospital, pressure dressing, which is sometimes called an emergency bandage or Israeli bandage, helps to stop bleeding from a hemorrhagic wound. This type of bandage comes in handy following a traumatic injury and is often used in military settings. It was first used during NATO peacekeeping operations but is now found in most STOP THE BLEED® kits across the country. It is ideal for treating shooting victims and is something we always recommend you add to a bleeding control kit.


Trauma Shears

When you find yourself in an emergency situation, you need to act as quickly as possible for the best results. Trauma shears help you to access the injury site cleanly and safely. You’ll just be able to make a few careful snips, and then you’ll be able to use one of the other items we’ve discussed so far in order to treat the wound. Without trauma sheers, you may find the items listed above aren’t as effective, as you can’t directly access the wound and stop the bleeding without clothing getting in the way.


Chest Seal

A chest seal is designed to treat a sucking chest wound. They are now commonly found in STOP THE BLEED® kits due to the number of active shooter incidents that have occurred over the past decade. They are very important for schools and large venues to add to a STOP THE BLEED®, and you’ll find that this product will typically come with a vent. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with which type of product is in your kit so that you know how to use it and treat a patient during an emergency. While we hope you’ll never have to use a chest seal, it’s something that’s always worth having to hand during an incident.


Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are synthetic rubber gloves that help to protect anyone responding to an incident. While all of the items we’ve shared so far focus on the victim, you also need to think about protecting yourself when dealing with heavy bleeding. These gloves are extremely durable, and they are resilient to oil, blood, and other chemicals. You’ll find that they are puncture-resistant, which is crucial if you find yourself dealing with needles or other sharp objects. Make sure you always protect yourself while responding to an emergency by slipping these gloves on quickly before getting to work.


Emergency Blanket

Emergencies take place at any time of the day or night. You never know how many victims you’ll have and what the temperature will be like when you are waiting for medical assistance. Wrap a victim in an emergency blanket to help regulate their temperature if you feel they are getting cold. You don’t want to cause another issue when they are already suffering from blood loss, so you’ll want to keep an eye on whether their temperature drops too low. It’s very usual for this to happen during blood loss due to the trauma the body is experiencing. A blanket can also be placed on the ground if needed or used as a cover while you are waiting for further help.


When choosing a STOP THE BLEED® kit, make sure your kit includes all of these items. All of the kits by True Rescue are designed to stop bleeding and will offer you all of these items and more. You’ll find they are the perfect option for adding to your school or venue, and you can purchase multiple kits based on the size of the space you are working in. A regular first aid kit doesn’t typically include any of the items we shared above, which is why STOP THE BLEED® kits are needed alongside these. Contact us today for further information about any of the items that are included in our kits or to learn more about how to STOP THE BLEED®.

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Brian Graddon

Brian is a former Firefighter Paramedic who also worked as a SWAT Medic, Engineer, and Captain over a 15-year career. Brian is devoted to providing life-saving information based on his first hand experience in life-saving application of tourniquets, hemostatic gauze, chest seals and other bleeding control products.

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