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  • What's the difference between a First Aid Kit and Bleeding Control Kit?

    While both First Aid & Bleeding Control Kits can be potentially life saving, it is important to understand there are several key differences between the two. Differences distinct enough that both kits cannot be considered interchangeable with each other.
  • What is a tourniquet, and which is the right one for me?

    A tourniquet is a device for stemming the outgoing flow of blood through an artery, typically by compressing a limb with a cord or tight bandage. Although the term ‘tourniquet’ is also utilized for IV/blood draw-style elastic restrictive bands designed to raise and pronounce veins (blood flowing back to the heart) to the surface of the skin for easier access, for the purpose of this article we will focus on emergency tourniquets as used for life-threatening hemorrhage.

  • Hemostatic Gauze – What is it and why do I need it?

    Hemostatic Gauze What is Hemostatic Gauze and why do I need it? What is Hemostatic Gauze? When browsing first aid & bleeding control kits onlin...